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    2010 Scottsdale Annual Christmas Parade

    Join us in Sherwood Forest

    Lets rob the rich

    ...and give to the poor

    The greedy Sherriff

    empty your purse!

    Merry Amelia

    Robin hood Friar Tuck and the merry Men

    the fair Maid Marion riding Poppy

    The Good Friar

    I'll have ye moneybags!
    Saturday, 19 February 2011


    2010 Scottsdale Christmas Parade

    NEPC were successful again with the Club float winning 2nd Prize $100. The riders had a great time and really looked the part in their Robin hood costumes complete with bow and arrows in their quivers, green tunics ,leggins, boots and feathered caps. Sherwood forest was never finer; a banquet table laiden with the sherriffs silver and the Kings deer, bulls eye target for the archers. The greedy Sherriff of Nottingham astride his gllant steed boasting his wealth with money bags hanging from his saddle, and the lovely Maid Marion astride her gentle mount rode behind.
    Everyone seemed to have a hand in putting the whole project together, with ideas, costumes, props, transport, quiet ponies, and lastly those who participated. A HUGE THANK YOU  from pony club.


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